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After graduating from the University of Windsor in 1979 with an Accounting, Computer Science and Masters of Business Administration degrees, I started my professional life working as an accountant for PwC in Canada and the Bahamas. These formative years allowed me to experience the inner workings of some of the largest companies in the world. I eventually specialized in the implementation of computer systems and technology and transitioned to the public sector where I had the opportunity to lead various government agencies for 3 decades. I started Precision Group in 2012 after retiring from the public sector. My experience with vendors helped to shape Precision’s initial “Trusted Advisor” philosophy of delivering high-quality solutions that drive value for our clients. After our initial success, I recognized that Precision’s continued growth required a more technical approach to solutions. In 2014, I turned over operations to Brandon and moved to an advisory and supporting role. It is exciting to continue to be an active part of Precision’s growth.